Time to Schedule Your Fall Lawn Service!

Why you should renovate your lawn in the fall

If your lawn suffered through the extremely hot summer and needs help, then it is time to aerify and overseed.  Fall is the best time of year to make dramatic improvements in your home lawn. The fall and spring seasons provide your turf with two optimum periods of growth and establishment before experiencing the summer heat and humidity.

Benefits of Aerification & Overseeding

  • Increases air space in the soil profile, which helps promote rooting
  • Improves drainage and infiltration for rainwater & irrigation
  • Relieves compaction of the soil
  • Improves fertilizer efficiency
  • Increases turf’s ability to withstand summer stresses – heat, humidity & drought
  • Promotes a thicker, more uniform stand of turf, which decreases weed encroachment
  • Overseeding with newer varieties of Turf Type Tall Fescue: improves disease resistance, reduces harmful insect damage & increases drought tolerance


Contact your Denison Landscaping representative to make arrangements to have your lawn renovated now.  The results will make you glad you did!