Colorful Plants for Fall and Why You Should Plant Now!

The Big Benefits of Fall Planting

The autumn season is one of the best times to add new plants to the landscape. As the season begins to transition from summer to fall, plants naturally redirect their energy below the surface. This means they can continue to grow throughout the year, taking energy away from leaf, limb and fruit production and focus their energy on creating a larger root mass. Why, you ask? As weather patterns start to shift and temperatures drop, soils become cooler and moisture levels increase. Roots are then able to take full advantage of the soil conditions, giving your new vegetation everything it needs for a brilliant spring show!

Amelanchier spp. – Serviceberry

The Serviceberry is a fabulous native small to medium deciduous tree for sun or shade. Not only does is have brilliant fall color ranging from red, orange and yellow, but it’s beautiful white blossoms and resulting berries attract pollinators and songbirds alike!


Fothergilla spp. – Dwarf Shadblow

Fothergilla is a small deciduous shrub native to the eastern U.S. It is closely related to witchhazel, hence the similarly shaped leaves. Fothergilla is a multi-season star in the landscape with delightful yellow, orange, red, and green color in the fall, often at the same time on one plant!


Perennials for Late Season Interest

Perennials are one of the best low-cost, long-term investments you can put into your landscape. If all goes well, each year they come back bigger, and more beautiful than the season before. Here are some great options for late summer and fall interest that are sure to wow!


Asters, such as ‘Bluebird’ (left), a New York Purple aster cultivar, or other species such as New England aster.

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ (middle) or one of many alternative cultivars. The name says it all!

Solidago species such as ‘Fireworks’ (right) are great for late season interest.


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