Winter is at full swing and mostly people stop thinking about the maintenance of their lawn believing that there is no use in it. It is true that lawn growth differs from one region to another. As obvious in most of the countries, lawns are hidden under the snow and the growth remains dormant for the entire season. But did you know that taking special care of your lawns during the harsh winters can still let you maintain it to a greater extend? Here are some wonderful tips to help take the right steps at the right time.

• Keep your lawns always clean and neat. Do not leave any of the objects including toys, dry leaves, clutters or any leftovers on your lawn as it can choke the grass leading to several ill-effects thus welcoming mice, insects or even seriously damaging pests. Maintain the height of your mower to around 0.5″ to 1.0″ so that the grass can always resist extreme weather conditions and at the same time remain healthy by staying away from disease conditions. Also ensure that the grass is not trimmed down to the shortest length as it becomes difficult for it to withstand the extremities of the climatic conditions.

• Limit excessive traffic on the grass during the harsh season of the year. Especially in winters, foot traffic must be prevented or lowered down as there are chances of late recovery time if the path becomes excessively worn out. For this, you can always keep the sidewalks clean without ice or snow so that the guests can freely walk on it instead of stamping onto the lawn.

• To protect your lawn and to keep it green throughout the year, it is important to consider it as a ‘No Parking’ spot. Even the smallest vehicle can kill the grass that is left helpless under the tires. This in turn leads to the growth of different types of weeds as well crabgrass thus destroying the entire space gradually.

• Preparing your lawn during the fall months will help in maintaining your grass until the rise of spring. It is important to get the lawn ready for the harsh season. For this, it must be fertilized, aerated as well as mowed before the freeze. Never allow the formation of wet spot that can turn into molds or mosses in no time. Remove any debris or fallen leaf to keep up with the good health of your grass.

• Spread the importance of your lawn to everyone at home and give respect and utmost care to it during the dormant months.