Storm Alert- Please check your irrigation controller

Dear Valued Irrigation Customer,

With the recent heat wave and the passing of last weeks’ storms, we wanted to give you a quick reminder about your irrigation system and your controller.

With the power outages that many of us here at Denison and yourselves have or unfortunately are still undergoing, we wanted to remind you to check your controller’s power and the per zone settings.  Irrigation controllers are like clocks- they reset when they lose power.  To ensure the continued beauty and health of your lawn and plant beds we would like each of you to please check your batteries and controller settings.  If you would like our assistance in resetting your controller or an irrigation check up, please feel free to call our offices at 301-782-3644 or fill out an estimate request and we will be in touch.  Remember plants and lawn areas suffer just as we do in the oppressive heat wave that we are all enduring together.


The Denison Irrigation Team