Spring has Sprung

The weather is breaking and now is the time to work off some of the winter blues. There are many common since things to do that will help your landscape thrive as the temperatures increase, the first item would be to finish leaf removal in the landscape beds and lawn areas then inspecting mulch levels to see if you need to add or subtract mulch ,pine bark or shredded mulch should be 2”-3” thick ,more is not better and it can rob oxygen to your plants if it’s too thick -too thin could provide opportunities for additional weed growth.

Now here is the tip of the week that most home owners over look, Dandelion’s are common weeds for the lawn their job is to use their long tap root to pull calcium out of the lower soil profile and move it to the surface for other plant life to use. Calcium is what moves many other  nutrients in to the plant it’s like a school bus for other nutrients to climb on for a free ride, local soils are usually deficient in calcium with and overabundance level of magnesium its best to get a professional soil sample taken but like most Americans we don’t have time to wait.

Denison Landscaping supplies bagged lime that is correct for this area, we can also provide soil testing from a certified soil lab and then make recommendations for your landscape. Calcium is a lot cheaper than chemical sprays so consider the natural solution. Soil testing usually takes 10 days and $25.00 so let’s get moving!