Summer 2019

McLean Yard Overhaul – Upline Homes

rhode island ave in mclean virginia - upland homes

Project Brief

In Northern Virginia it is common practice for Homebuilders to tear down older houses and build beautiful masterpieces of new homes to put on the market for sale. It is Denison Landscaping’s job to come in and add our unique touch of beauty to these new homes.

Storm Water Management (SWM)

On this project we conducted SWM through a process of installing Soil Amendment for the entire property. Like other SWM facilities, it is all about controlling where storm water runoff ends up. The purpose of a soil amendment is to help absorb as much downflow of water as possible. It’s likely with heavy rainfall that the house or adjacent properties could be flooded if otherwise untreated. But with a soil amendment in your back yard this is a lot less likely to happen. A soil amendment involves digging 2-foot-wide & deep trenches perpendicular to where your downflow of water is going. Soil amendments are added and tilled into the final grade. As downflow persists, each trench back to back absorbs as much water as possible slowing the flow of water significantly.


This project included the installation of a custom shrub package, sod, site trees, & the planting of nearly 50 buffer trees. “Buffer trees” are trees that provide privacy from neighbors. These trees are usually placed within close distance of each other along the property line as seen in some of the photos. The buffer trees used on this project were Green Giant Arborvitaes & Blue Point Junipers. There are many different types of trees you can use & they don’t necessarily have to be evergreen.

    Scope of Work

  • Storm Water Management
  • Sod
  • Tree Planting
  • Retaining Walls

Time Lapse Videos