Summer 2019



Project Brief

Custom Design/Build

By request of the home-builder of whom we were working with on this project, it was custom designed and built to give this back-yard area a very natural setting.

3 Tier Stacked Boulder Walls

With each wall being around 2 feet tall there are 3 tiers of these walls. Each wall being constructed with a mixture almost anything between flat and small boulders to big round boulders.

Boulder Steps

These boulder steps are made up of large flat boulders that are in this case natural looking landscape steppers.

Planting & Mulch

On each tier of the boulder walls there is planting & mulch. Here we planted trees, perennials, groundcovers & grasses.

    Scope of Work

  • Custom Design/Build
  • 3 Tier Stacked Boulder Walls
  • Boulder Steps
  • Planting & Mulch