Summer 2019

Captain Perry Court

captian perry court design build

Project Brief

Retaining Wall
Before construction begun for this project two main things were established. 1. There was very limited machine access. And 2. We would have to haul away A LOT of dirt before even thinking about constructing a retaining wall (which is the first thing that was built in this project). Constructed with highland stone, the retaining wall starts at the foundation of the back of the house near the back door, shoots straight out about 15-20 feet the house then takes a sharp 90 degree left and continues for another 15-20 feet and runs smoothly into the planter box. The entirety of the retaining wall is capped off with 6×9” Pavers & also has a solid pipe in the back of the wall for drainage.

Paver Patio
The pavers on the patio are Chatham Modern and are edged with Cottagestone 6×9” pavers on the entirety of the patio

Planter Box
This planter box was constructed entirely of Dublin free standing wall block. The dimensions of the box are 3’x14’x3’ (wide x long x tall). The back of the planter box has 2 solid pipes which drain excess water out of the planter box.

Free Standing Wall
There are 2 free standing walls that run along each side of the flagstone steps which are constructed of Dublin block. The wall rises 4” every 2 feet mimicking the stairs themselves.

Flagstone Steps
These steps were constructed with colonial steppers and irregular flagstone pieces. The colonial steppers make up the entire “rise” part of the stairs (the part of the stair the shoots up vertically). The rise of these stairs is 6”. The irregular flagstone makes up most of the tread of the stairs (the part of the stair that you step on). The irregular flagstone is fit into the area like puzzles and are set in stone dust and polysand.

Flagstone Pathway
Along the side of the house there is a flagstone pathway that leads from the front driveway to the flagstone steps that leads down to the patio.

Rock Garden
This rock garden Is on the corner of the patio where the retaining wall is underneath. It features splash stone, boulders ranging in sizes from small to medium & specialty ordered pots ranging from sizes from small to medium.

Aluminum Railing
On each side of the Planter Box which is on the edge of the patio there is 4-foot-tall black aluminum railing that runs along the edge of the patio.

    Scope of Work

  • Retaining Wall
  • Paver Patio
  • Free Standing Wall
  • Flagstone Steps
  • Planter Box
  • Rock Garden
  • Aluminum Railing