Residential Irrigation Systems to keep your yard looking beautiful all year long

Thank you for considering Denison Landscaping, Inc. as your partner to beautify your landscape. Whether you are installing a new irrigation system, extending the coverage of your existing system, or need repairs, Denison is eager to help. Denison Landscaping, Inc. will install a complete, fully automatic irrigation system to custom fit your needs, landscape and budget. We will utilize our over 20 years experience in the irrigation industry to do so. If you couple that with our almost 40 years in the landscaping industry we have a seasoned perspective of your landscape irrigation needs and how that can be achieved at a minimal cost without compromising quality or your system’s integrity. Denison Landscaping, Inc. uses only the most reputable products in the industry and will stand behind both our workmanship and the product we install 100%. Denison Landscaping, Inc. is also Hunter Platinum II preferred contractor which means that when you ask them who to use we are at the top of the list. We are also proud to boast that all of our irrigation specialists have several years of landscaping experience so you can feel at ease that we will take great care of your landscape during the installation and will cause as little intrusion to your landscape as possible from the time you welcome us to your home until the job is complete.
The Denison Design Team

Residential Irrigation Service Contracts

All plans start in the Spring and run to the Fall.  All plans are COD.


Free Trial




1 Spring Start Up

1 Winterization

10% Discount on Parts



1 Spring Start Up

1 Winterization
1 Mid-Summer Visit
(or 1 Emergency Side Visit)

20% Discount on Parts



1 Spring Start Up

1 Winterization

1 Early Summer Visit
(or 1 Emergency 

Side Visit)
1 Late Summer Visit

30% Discount on Parts

Spring Startup – Includes 1 hour of labor.  Any additional time will be billed at the rate of $81.00 per hour in 15 minute increments.

Winterization – Includes the blow-out of your irrigation system.

Emergency Side Visits – Includes the first hour of labor at no-charge.  Any additional time will be billed at the rate of $81.00 per hour in 15 minute increments.  No parts are included but discounts do apply.

*Systems with more than 14 zones will be billed an additional $12.50 per zone for Start-up & Winterization.


Water Conservation

epa_watersense_logoIn continuing our efforts to improve the environment and keep true to the green industry’s rich history as stewards of the environment; Denison Landscaping’s irrigation general manager, David Bise has become certified as an EPA WaterSense partner.

What this means to you, our valued residential and commercial clients is that denison landscaping is committed to saving you money by conserving one of the greatest resources to the mankind, reduction of erosion and runoff of chemicals or other harmful pollutants from entering ur waterways and tributaries.

To learn more about watersense initiatives as related to your irrigation system please contact out Irrigation Team.