Fall Planting Tips

Fall is the time when many do-it-yourself gardeners wind down their activity and think about closing up the shed for the season.  However, Denison Landscaping, Inc. notes that fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and some annuals as well as to plan a winterizing strategy.

Pull Weeds – do it now and you’ll have fewer weeds next season.

Rake and remove the leaves in the yard to avoid damage to the grass so you can enjoy a healthier lawn next summer.

Give trees and shrubs a deep watering after the leaves on the trees drop and just before turning the outside water off for the season.

Cut most perennial’s back close to the ground.

Wash gardening sprayers with soapy water before storing.

Clean, oil and sharpen gardening tools before storing for the season.

Shut off water lines to the outside.

Everyone at Denison hopes these hints are helpful in preparing for the upcoming winter months.

Don’t forget to contact us if you need help during your preparation – we are always here to make your life a little easier and we are just a phone call away!