Denison Landscaping Selects Accokeek Foundation as a “40 Green Initiatives” Project Site
May 20, 2013 by Brittany Barnes

To commemorate their 40th Anniversary, Denison Landscaping is giving back to the communities it serves by conducting 40 in-kind landscaping projects to be completed throughout the year.
As a part of this “40 Green Initiatives” project, the Accokeek Foundation was selected to identify a landscaping project on site that would improve its daily operations. After discussing the various needs of the site with members of the Denison staff, installing an irrigation system in the Accokeek Foundation’s Museum Garden was identified as the project. Maintained with the help of volunteers, the Museum Garden is an educational space filled with modern and heirloom herbs, flowers, and vegetables. This quiet spot on Cedar Lane is used as a venue for educational programs, workshops, and performances, and is designed to teach visitors about agriculture and the environment on a small scale.

David Bise, Denison Landscaping’s irrigation specialist, brought his team to the garden last Thursday to work on the project. Through initial survey of the garden they discovered waterlines that had been installed many years ago but had not been used in at least 20 years. Luckily, through the expertise of Bise and his team, they were able to get the previous system working with minimal disruption to the garden and by utilizing the resources already in place. They updated the original system by replacing a couple of pipes and installing two additional quick couplers to ensure accurate irrigation throughout the garden.
The project was completed in less than a day and with great accuracy and persistence. The everyday tending to the Museum Garden is now a much simpler and less time consuming task. The Accokeek Foundation is proud to have been a part of this commemoration of 40 years of business for Denison Landscaping.

Denison Landscaping and Nursery, Inc. was formed in 1973 and has grown from a three-man operation into one of the most successful landscaping companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Denison Landscaping is a family owned business and they strive to maintain a people-oriented philosophy that will ensure the delivery of the quality landscaping product their customers expect and deserve.
Presently, they own and operate growing nurseries totaling over 700 acres. They also own a 9 acre wholesale facility in Southern Maryland and a 40 acre Garden Center/Nursery in Fort Washington, Maryland.