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Department of Labor Puts American Employers & Jobs at Risk

Decision to Stop Processing H2B Workers Threatens US Employers

Fort Washington, MD —Following the March 4, 2015 court ruling (Perez v. Perez, No.3:14-cv-682) a U.S. District Court Judge in the Northern District of Florida granted an injunction against the USDOL with respect to the Department’s H-2B rules issued in 2008.  As a result, The Department… Read more »

New MD Fertilizer Law in effect

On October 1st, Maryland’s new fertilizer law went into effect for both homeowners and lawn care professionals like Denison Landscaping.  The law is intended to reduce/ prevent nutrients entering the Chesapeake Bay from urban sources such as lawns and golf courses.  Nitrogen and Phosphorus are key ingredients of lawn fertilizer sold in Maryland. Under the… Read more »

Clean Currents Green Energy Solutions

Denison Landscaping, Inc. has partnered up with Clean Currents Green Energy Solutions and now will receive electricity by being 100% Wind Powered. Another step in Denison’s focus in Environmental Stewardship.  GO GREEN!

Propane Mowers

Denison Landscaping and Zipper Sales partner up to show leadership and corporate responsbility by adopting “Green” technology pro-actively and not due to mandates.  By investing in technology Denison is helping not only the company but leading the landscape industry with implementation of alternative fueled mowers.  Presently we have 13 various styles of Propane mowers in… Read more »

Denison Landscaping’s H2 worker Dilemma

In trying to  determine what to do and how to handle its labor need; in these uncertain economic times Denison fights program regulation and tries to hire domestic.