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A Greener Yard – Nutsedge Control

Why is some of my grass growing much faster than the rest of my yard?  If you have asked yourself this recently, then you may be dealing with the grass-like weed known as yellow nutsedge.  Yellow nutsedge, despite its appearances is not a grass at all, rather it is a member of the sedge family… Read more »

Storm Alert- Please check your irrigation controller

Dear Valued Irrigation Customer,

With the recent heat wave and the passing of last weeks’ storms, we wanted to give you a quick reminder about your irrigation system and your controller.

With the power outages that many of us here at Denison and yourselves have or unfortunately are still undergoing, we wanted to remind you… Read more »

Planting Trees & Shrubs 101

1. Dig a hole 2 to 2.5 times greater than the diameter of the root ball. Do not dig the planting hole any deeper than the root ball since the soil that you disturb will eventually settle causing the plant to settle too deep. Prepare the hole 1”–2” too shallow. This will ensure that your… Read more »