Today's homeowners are using their homes as a source of refuge and escape from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday goings on. Here at Denison it is our mission to show our customers that by adding irrigation and landscape lighting they are enhancing the value of their homes in many ways.

Beautification and curb appeal are huge factors to most of our homeowners, and potential home buyers. By adding landscape lighting to their property they are not only showing it off during the day but at night as well. The visibility of outdoor lighting is huge in many ways from the " WOW" factor when you pull up to the home, to being able to enjoy patios, pools, or play areas well into the night.

The security and safe passage factors also come into play with many of our homeowners as well. This lighting can be used for stairwells, changes in elevation, or any other walkway hazards. From a security stand point it is a deterrent to a would be intruder by eliminating dark spots on the property that otherwise might conceal their movement on the property.

The overall and most common reason that homeowners want landscape lighting is to proudly show off their hard work. They have spent a lot of money to purchase, enhance, and maintain their property and want to boldly show it off day and night. I am willing to bet as all of you read this article you at one point and time have pulled into a neighborhood at night and there was a home that immediately caught your eye. Probably well manicured lawn, nice walkways, and good landscape design. During the day it looks like other homes but at night it is a DIAMOND! The one house that not only has the "WOW" factor during the day but at night as well.

The one home that when other neighbors pull into their neighborhood at night they are always envious of. We here at Denison want to be the ones to have our name stamped on that home, so when other neighbors stop by to ask who did their lighting the will say " DENISON LANDSCAPING". So as times have become a little more challenging, and more folks are spending time at home with family and friends, let's help them enjoy and add to the value of their homes by increasing the opportunity to enjoy their property day and night.